Siri, how to make 3G sexy ji

This is the first question that every marketers in the telecom industry must have asked Siri. How can we make 3G so sexy that every mobile user in india would die for it? And the answer is what you can rightly see in the image.

Yes like stated last time, this blog is about how the Indian telecom players should innovate in the 3G era. But before we get into that, lets look at how the last innovation from iGod “Steve Jobs” that has changed our lives and get some inspiration from the same.

Siri has really redefined the way we interact and has truly given a new meaning to our life. But before we start throwing accolades to Steve jobs and his apple army, let’s look at few facts. Siri was originally developed by SRI International. SRI spun off Siri, Inc., in 2007, and this company launched a personal assistant app in February 2010. In 2010 apple acquired Siri, Inc for almost $200 million, and in October 2011 Apple announced that the iPhone 4S would be using this technology. So it wasn’t really apple from scratch but it still deserves the praise for making it possible.

First iPhone 4S buyer from Airtel

When Iphone 4S was announced it got a lot of criticism, as people thought it will be an iphone5 but it was almost just like an Iphone4 with few hardware changes. Yet more than 1M iPhone 4S were sold on the first day. In india, Iphone 4S has been priced starting from Rs. 44,500 and goes till Rs.55,000. Looks like a joke in a country where Indians pay 1cent per minute, Have an ARPU of 2$ and 97% SIM cards are prepaid. But still there was a mad craze for people to get hands on iphone 4S, just because of ”Siri”.

Finally, Siri is an app, which requires high bandwidth and will only work smoothly if it is on 3G or a Wi-Fi. A report by AppleInsider reveals that Siri on an average uses as much as 63kb of data per query when it looks for your answers. So more the questions, more the data usage and considering the craze it has, we could see a lot of data being used in just talking to Siri.

So with an application like Siri, users are ready to pay high, consume more 3G data, and be loyal to you. Hence with iGod blessing if one was going to request Siri again on how to make 3G sexy in india these could be few possible answers that one could get from Siri

Quality of the apps: Let us start with the indian players first. I logged onto the following website- to get an idea of the apps offered by them. Now the website recommended apps as per my requirement and here is the list on their recommendations. Office-Project manager. Reading-Wattpad. Exercise-Health Nuts. Music-Spice Sangeet. Travel- Voice Translator. Eating- Meals on mobile. I don’t think so anybody must have heard about these apps till now If we compare these apps with the top apps in the IOS & android market like Instagram, Flipboard, Garageband, Spotify, Zite there exists huge difference. And hence the first step would be to really invest in better quality of apps.

Quantity of the apps: Forget about the quality of the apps, even in terms of quantity they lag behind in a huge manner. Airtel the player with the highest number of apps just has 70,000 apps and the quality of the apps we already know.

Invest in applications Developers:  Like stated earlier Siri was not originally developed by apple. Can the indian telecom companies invest in developers and give them a free hand in developing innovative applications for driving 3g usages. And also the indian telecom marketers  have become very mundane in their thinking. Its time to innovate from the outside. It will definitely be more helpful rather than investing in brand ambassadors that beyond their fake looks & acting add nothing.

Look beyond Cricket & bollywood:  Cricket & movies are two big things in india and the telecom industry has done every possible mimicry around them. Also if we look at the indian audience, it has evolved and has moved beyond cricket & bollywood. There is a huge passion for other games like Football, Tennis, Motor-racing, and Basketball. And this is just the audience who will be ready to spend high on such kind of services.

Education: In India, education is a huge business. Every parent wants their kids to get the best education & would go to any extent. Look at iBooks, the way it is going to change the education & also the fortunes for apple. Imagine, a kid using an apple product right from childhood, getting addicted to it & becoming a loyalist forever.

Games: Develop hi-end games that would need 3G bandwidth to work effectively. Have competitions with games like Modern combat, The Sims, Need for speed, Real football, Asphalt & Air attack that will let the users play against each other on 3G bandwidth

If the indian telecom industry can start looking into the above answers given by Siri, they could at least make the first step in enabling the consumers on a joyful telecom experience and also start making some monies.


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